V Loved Agency


Creator/Author: Riku M

Adult Version Artist: Kuso Taisa

Chibi Version Artist: Chi Arielucia

V Loved Agency is an adaptation of Riku's first original 18+ BL project. Our goal is to someday be able to do a full adult version adaptation of this series, but due to how costly it is, we are raising funds by working hard on cute chibi version. We hope you enjoy our first ever webcomic!

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Since he was a young Yokai, Kaito dreamed of one day living in the human world. Even with his family against his decision, he never gave up. After finally passing his entrance exam on the very last chance. He receives an official letter from the CEO of V Loved wanting to recruit him as a model for his adult model agency.

Once in the human world, he quickly learns that there is so much more to discover and understand than what he ever read in books. Join Kaito on his new adventure on this BL chibi comic adaptation!

Adult vs Chibi Version

IMPORTANT: The Chibi comic will follow a lot of story similarities as in the Adult story version, but it will not contain any sexual situations or adult content. We intend to keep the chibi comics as more of a short comedy/fantasy adaptation.

If we are able to create an adult version of this series, please be aware that the story is much more serious and sexual in content.

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